Worm castings affect cucumber growth rate

A 14-day interval is ideal for applying worm castings to most vegetables. The application rate will vary based on the age of your transplant, for seedlings, 2-4 tbsp per plant is ideal to establish your garden, whereas for more established transplants as those sold in 6 oz containers apply 4-6 tbsp per plant. Each one … More Worm castings affect cucumber growth rate

timing is important

To enjoy the real benefits of vermicompost in your garden, it’s important to understand how it works and how best to use it. The release of nutrients from compost is a gradual process. The balance between nutrient absorption and availability in the rhizosphere is strongly influenced by plants and other organisms which form part of … More timing is important

Crunchy Number$$!

We are often told to just add a few handfuls of vermicompost to our plants but how much is a handful of Vermicompost? Given that no two handfuls are the same size, here are some measured results from a mini-experiment:   How it was done  12 tablespoons of worm castings were applied to each plant over … More Crunchy Number$$!