Crunchy Number$$!

We are often told to just add a few handfuls of vermicompost to our plants but how much is a handful of Vermicompost? Given that no two handfuls are the same size, here are some measured results from a mini-experiment:  

How it was done 

12 tablespoons of worm castings were applied to each plant over a 5 week period to grow these plants below (Fig 2). They were grown using regular recycled garden soil. Vermicompost was applied every 10 -14 days following transplanting. The lettuce was harvested in wk. 5.

Observations and Opinions

Fig 2. Foreground, our nutrient-dense worm castings background, crops grown using the product.

Other vegetables grown during the the experimental trial

By volume, there are approximately 295 tablespoonfuls(Tbsps.) in one unit of worm castings (~5.5 lbs./ 1 gal). It took 12 Tbsps. to grow 1 lettuce to harvest. Therefore it may be possible to produce at least of 20 heads of lettuce from 1 unit. Large heads of lettuce are sold for approximately TTD $10.00. 1 unit of worm castings currently costs TTD$40.00. Therefore a savings of TTD$160.00 could easily be realized using our worm casting to grow lettuce.


Eating healthy is not that expensive.

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