COMPOST for Sale

Active pile Temperature

Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic waste. Hot composting relies primarily on the activity of beneficial microbes to stabilize organic matter into an environmentally friendly product that will improve the physical and chemical properties of soil.


Our compost is derived from a variety of organic materials that contribute to a nutrient-dense and microbially rich end product.

Key ingredients.

Sheep Dried Leaves
RabbitLawn Clippings
CattleBrewers Grain*
vegetable waste
* These types of wastes vary with the type of compost being produced

Our Process

Pile temperatures are allowed to range between 55-70 degrees Celsius for at least 21 days to ensure that appropriate thermal death points are achieved for the control of pests, diseases, parasites, and other unwanted organisms in the compost pile. The pile is managed for a further 6 months to ensure that it is properly cured before use.

How to use

Compost mixed with regular soil

Soil mix preparation– Substitute compost at 25 – 30 % with regular soil or other growing media.

Drill planting– For open-field crop production we recommend applying compost to the specific growing area to minimize weed stimulation in uncultivated areas and encourage increased profitability. This is achieved by simply incorporating 20- 30 % compost into the planting hole during transplanting.

Mulching– Compost when used purely or in combination with wood chips or shredded dry leaves contributes to weed suppression, nutrient supply, improved soil structure, and increased microbial activity. Apply at least a 1-inch thick band of compost around the tree trunk annually.

Compost tea– using a ratio of 1 part compost to 10-15 parts rainwater, steep compost for at least 7 days. Apply as a drench or foliar spray twice per week.

How it is sold?

Cost Table

SizeApprox. VolApprox. WtApprox. Area coverCost
S20L27 lbs4sqft$25.00
L60L80 lbs12 sqft$70.00

Our compost is free of any additives!