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Feeding earthworms remains a challenge for many vermicomposting enthusiasts. The ability of earthworms to readily convert organic matter into vermi-fertilizer is heavily dependent on how these materials are prepared prior to feeding. Some organic materials in their fresh state may be slightly toxic or irritate earthworms and cause suppression in earthworm activity, whereas other organic materials may regenerate in the bin and become a nuisance.

Hands-on learning experience

Our beginners’ package takes you through the entire vermicomposting process. The interactive learning atmosphere allows for a very dynamic experience. Your burning questions are always fit for a good discussion as we always seek to help you understand the process in a very practical way.

Participants learning how to prepare their organic materials

Your worm farm would need to become familiar with your organic waste materials, therefore we encourage participants to bring along an average representative sample of their weekly collection. Participants are guided on how to prepare, and make the best combination of materials for improved acceptance by earthworms.

A well-prepared worm food should :
1. Be microbially active and rotting,
2. Stimulate earthworm response within a 72 hr period,
3. Have a musky rather than putrid smell
4. Be free of foreign materials and weeds.

Worm Farm kit

Full functioning worm farm with approx 500 worms

Compost Sifter

Spray bottle


We can get you started

It’s an investment worth learning about! You can avoid the troubleshooting and spend more time producing compost and growing your plants as nature intended. There are various startup options to fit your budget so feel free to contact us and let’s discuss how we can do more with your waste.

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