Pre-started Worm Farm

Pre-started worm with compost sifter and spray bottle. Most vegetable scraps can be fed to worms with an estimated yield of 5 – 10 gallons for the initial harvest.

Vermitechnology is a user-friendly technique that promotes the use of earthworms for treating organic waste at its source.

Most persons choose Vermi-technology because:

  • It is odour and leachate free
  • It is low-maintenance
  • It is very efficient and child-friendly
  • Waste Conversion Capacity increases almost every three months
  • It is the best technology for urban environments

We assist persons with getting started by preparing budget-friendly worm farms that reduce the challenges associated with sourcing compost worms and setting up worm farms. The initial expected yield after 12 weeks is approximately 25-50 lbs and this is strongly dependent on proper management. We ensure that every worm farm is functioning optimally before collection.

Startup options:

Combo option 1- Worm Farm with accessories

  • This includes a pre-started worm farm with:
  • Worm population of approximately 150 worms (more worms can be requested once available).
  • Compost Sifter
  • Hydration Bottle
  • Worm Food (1 wk supply)
  • Beginners Guide

Combo option 2- Worm Farm + Training with after-sales support

Training is available for persons who would like to get some guidance on the technology. This includes all the components of Combo 1 along with 3 months of technical support to ensure success with the technology.

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