Pre-started Worm Farm

Fully Setup Worm Farms

Vermicomposting is one of the most user-friendly technologies for recycling organic waste. Vermitechnology is applicable for on-farm, residential, and commercial organic waste management.

Most persons choose Vermi-technology because:

  • It is odour and leachate free
  • It is low maintenance
  • it is very efficient and children friendly
  • Waste Conversion Capacity increases almost every three months
  • It is the best technology for urban environments

We assist persons with getting started by preparing budget-friendly worm farms that reduce the challenges associated with sourcing compost worms and setting up worm farms. The initial expected yield after 12 weeks is approximately 25-50 lbs and this is strongly dependent on proper management. We ensure that every worm farm is functioning optimally before collection.

Startup options:

Combo option 1- Worm Farm with accessories

  • This includes a full prepared worm farm with:
  • Worm population of approximately 150 [Night Crawlers or Red Wigglers] worms (more worms can be requested once available).
  • Compost Sifter
  • Hydration Bottle
  • Worm Food (1 wk supply)
  • Beginners Guide

Combo option 2- Training with aftersales support

Training is available for persons who would like to get some guidance on the technology. This includes all the components of Combo 1 along with 3 months of technical support to ensure success with the technology.

Cherry Picking option 3

This option is available for persons who would rather choose based on their preferences. for example, some people choose to buy the sifter later and invest in more worms. Options, therefore, include but are not limited to:

  • Worm farm setup only (no sifter)
  • Worm Bin for stock expansion
  • Custom-made bin, larger or smaller
  • Compost Sifter

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